Phelps to get $1mil for the eight medals. Will he split the money with the other relay team members? Whether he does or not will indicate his true character. He may be just one more asshole athlete. Or he may be a really outstanding person.....Time will tell.


I-RIGHT-I said...

Eight gold medals is quite an achievement and the country can be proud, his mom can be proud and he can be proud but let's not forget one thing, swimmers are pussies.
They do the breast stroke, they do the back stroke and then they do something called "freestyle" which is just plain swimming. He could just as well done the dog paddle for my money. Swimmers don't sweat, swimmers don't have to fight gravity and swimmers don't get the hell knocked out of them like real men. Swimmers are pussies.

Eight gold medals for swimming??? Why not give the real athletes the same opportunities? How about eight kinds of sprints? Sprint 100 meters forward, backward, sideways doing the grapevine? We could do the 200 meters the same way and just to make sure there's 9 gold medals we could do a 800 meter medley. That's about right.

I thought Mark Spitz was queer. As it turned out he wasn't and I was pretty happy about that. The American diver guy who busted his head on the board a few years ago and who we found out later had AIDS was a queer. That hurt but he too was a swimmer. Swimmers are pussies.

One of the pussies on the American team kissing ass like there was no tomorrow said that the human dolphin was the greatest athlete on earth and his achievement was beyond the Master's Golf title and beyond the Tour du France.

I have to call bullshit. I can't imagine how much guts it takes to maintain concentration and form, to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles fighting every inch of the way with the best on earth to win the Masters or the Tour but I know that it would be harder than winning 8 gold medals splashing around in a pool because swimmers are pussies.

But if that boy can win 8 gold medals eight years in a row like Lance won the Tour seven or eight years in a row I'll tip my hat but I won't give him the crown even then because the Tour is agony and Armstrong won it year after year while fighting the Fucking French every step of the way. But then Armstrong isn't a pussy. I guess it's really comparing apples and pussies when you stop and think about it.

Anonymous said...

So OK, but what's your opinion of swimmers in general?