High school cheerleading accounted for 65.1 percent of all catastrophic sports injuries among high school females over the past 25 years. This is a news item of such import that no other than Nouriel Roubini at RGI jumped in and warned everyone that we must stop subsidizing cheerleading, or else.


Huge ratings to continue? Absolutely not. The only people watching the "women's" gymnastics are women and intimidated spouses. None will watch track and field etc., The monster ratings were a function of Michael Phelps and nothing else. While I agree that track and field are the only "real" Games, the endless heats that mean nothing are not watchable. And the "girl" (not women) Chinese gymnasts, outrageous boxing judging, and the exhibitions of archery, ping pong, tennis, horse shit, and other esoteric "sports" ain't pulling no audience. Basketball is a fucking joke when every game is a twenty point spread fifteen minutes into games.

Letting Manny be Manny

Becoming as much a disaster for the Dodgers as he was for the Red Sox. Refusing to cut his hair, actually vanishing from the team in mid-inning to "take a leak" and nearly missing an at bat, horrendous fielding matching his slowness on the bases, probably means that the Dodgers won't do much to hire him again. It also means that his marketability with other teams diminishes each day. However, he is killing NL pitching leading one to ask how long before NL pitching catches up with him. Despite the positive ink, he's only batting .318 since coming over. His on base percentage is more than fifty percent, and his RBI numbers are almost ten, a projected season long 118. That's a lot of runs.....

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