As The Good Ship Obama Loses one Engine

There is a giant weak spot on the flank of the Obama campaign which McCain-Palin can hit hard enough for the floundering body to be left bleeding. All it will take is a well placed lance tipped with just the right amounts of Illegal immigration, border security, and amnesty.

BUT Obama cannot start that engine without sealing his own doom, making these concerns an untouched Achilles heel for both parties. Of most interests to the electorate are gas prices, the economy, and immigration; immigration is joined at the hip with a large part of any economic discussion. After all it is illegal immigrants who are taking our jobs away. Failing to address this issue tends to throw cold water on both campaigns. The Democrats are split wide open by it with their highly educated hyper elite (not threatened in the least by illiterate immigrants) demanding unlimited abortions and immigration. This group is very well off and the major source of donations and this block of vocal supporters hangs about his neck like the proverbial albatross. This leaves the Obama campaign being driven by a voting block wanting cheap maids and low paid workers; abortion and government funded child care, and nearly unlimited welfare.

Til this is addressed Palin will continue to shape this campaign.

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