Football Quiz

Q: What do all the listed teams have in common?
Western Kentucky
Murray State
Eastern Illinois
UL Lafayette
FIU (ten points if you know what FIU stands for)
Miami of Ohio
Eastern Michigan
Florida Atlantic (Florida Pacific is a much larger school)
Northern Illinois
Bowling Green
Montana State (If you know where Montana State is, you get 10pts)

And I could go on and on. These unknown powerhouses are all Big Ten preseason games. So I ask you, how in the hell can you get better by playing cup cakes to start the season. They serve but one purpose and that is to put a fantasy image of God like invincibility into the minds of the winning Big Ten teams, an image that is total hot air. BTW I left a ton of other souffles off the list.

Oh, and guess what team the feared Ohio State buckeyes scheduled before the USC game? Powerhouse Youngstown State. But not to worry, they play Troy next week in order to allow that killer offense to score at least two touchdowns. The Big Ten will remain a laughing stock until they play some real teams not beginning with USC.

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