Community Terrorism

Malkin is doing a great job of exposing the Obama "Community Organizer" scam but there is more there than just the robbery of tax coffers for personal gain. Obama is a student of Sol Alinsky, the 60s communist and revolutionary who first formed an actual written strategy page on how to "mobilize" the bums in ghettos who were usually too drunk, drugged out, or stupid to get a job. Much easier to mobilize them for the purpose of getting something for nothing, especially from "whitey." Operating under various feel good fronts like Participatory Democracy, democratic consulting to multi-organizational systems, ACORN, Industrial Areas Foundation (recently involved in attempting to register 1million illegal aliens under another banner called Active Citizens Campaign), More links here. Alinsky formulated a tactic that basically instructs people to ask for the moon and settle for less. What is left out is that the "asking" part is almost always a threat of violence by large mobs. Anything connected with Alinsky gets automatic press praise because it's the left and the left is always on the side of good and what's right. Alinsky actually made good sense for those aching to live a life challenging anything and anybody who might be productive while doing their best to stay on the economic fringes of society. This is a good link (now corrected) that is actually sympathetic to the Alinsky view and worth reading.


Anonymous said...

Howard, Your link at "This is a good link", supposedly about Alinsky, goes to the article in the Boston Herald under "prejudice is here" in your "We came to Bury Palin" post.
Otherwise, thank you for the information and comments.

Howard said...

Link is now corrected. Thanx