We Came to Bury Palin, Not to Praise Her

In this case so called Honorable Men (and Women) are flooding the Alaska zone in their never ending drive to destroy Palin with a fact or two only if available, if not then dispose of her through innuendo and falsehood. I almost never agree with Sean Hannity but he hit the nail right on the head when he said that if the GOP wins in November the MSM will have discredited themselves forever. A clever view of all the prejudice is here in the believe it or not, Boston Herald.

I don't think anyone is deluded by the MSM assault on her, fooled in the least by the usual liberal upper class pretense of fairness as they move to assassinate those who might beat them, the Hollywood gas attack on Palin that is designed to marginalize her before her views can be heard. We're all hip to that and don't need to do more than fisk the usual suspects. Why are the elites so pissed? Because Palin has farted in their coronation party, that's why. How dare a fucking cunt shit on us? more or less covers it all. Only liberal females are really women, the rest of womankind are dangerous fanatics, probably faux women interested in God and guns, and lacking PhDs from all the right places.

We're all hip to what's going on and let us presume that all Americans who really think will pick up on it and kill the MSM once and for all. Who knows, maybe the Republicans will even pick up seats in the Congress. Won't that be awful? The Democrats hell bent on convicting every Republican in the Bush Administration of crimes in order to destroy everyone who dares stand up to them may find themselves back on earth.

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