Enquirer Broke, Desperate Need for Cash

....and according to published sources, "Maybe a juicy scandal will develop that can bail them out." And what better "scandal" than a candidate for VP of the USA? I'm one of those people who used to know reporters over there and I always knew them to be correct in their stories. Their sources (paid) are everywhere and the paper itself wouldn't publish unless they actually had the goods. I think Carol Burnett is the only one who ever sued them successfully. Having said all this, the guys I knew told me that they would never run a political story because "those fucks lie about everything." In other words, since they pay there is no problem rounding up "leaks" to nearly everything under the sun. They actually staked out Edwards, are we to believe they've been staking out Palin? Stay tuned because the Democrat slime balls will come out lying in their teeth.

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