The Palin Speech

Sorry, but I just don't believe any politician about anything any more. I just couldn't stand to listen to her. Was she better than Biden?

Is a Porsche faster than a wheel barrow? (corrected, thanx)

Better than Obama? At least as good, with a prepared speech written by others anyway. Wait til she has to give and take in Town Halls for a verdict here. She's smart, pretty, and quite obviously tough as hell, not someone who can be pushed around. The long knives came out on MSNBC almost immediately, belittling her speech, claiming she looked down on everyone, was pompous and cold, all while admitting she did a pretty good speech. We'll just have to see but from the crowd reaction I'd say she won the base. Did she win women? I suppose so, at least those who are not Abortion on Demand zealots, seaweed lickers, and Hollywood attention whores . Did she win youth? Fuck no. Did she help the Republicans? Nobody can help them. Avalanche of phony charges against her include this one exposing "troopergate." The trashing of this woman is as bad as anything since Dan Quayle, another Republican for the media to hate. One group she certainly picked up and that is the parents of "special needs children" who are a huge block. One group that will continue to hate her? Reporters.


Xiaoding said...

She was elected Mayor twice, you don't get that without being able to handle give and take. She will take Bidens head off.

Big Bad Wolf said...

Was she better than Biden?

Is a wheel barrow faster than a Porsche?

So, no then? Or did you get the metaphor backwards?