Hands Made Hard Through Toil

The rescue package is being slammed as anti capitalist, the first step to socialism, and outright immoral. The guys slamming this package don't sweat while they work, cough all day from years of breathing fouled air, or have the palms of their hands made hard through years of toil. The Ivies think seven or eight percent unemployment is OK, it is the price we must pay. The "we" never includes them because their livelihoods, 401ks, and homes in the Hamptons are never threatened.

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Doug_S said...

A worldwide asset bubble is imploding and athwart it stands Paulson with the American Taxpayer's checkbook. Yup that is going to stop worldwide assets from deflating. Oil went down, the Russian market opens just a few minutes a day before closing on scary drops, real estate in Ireland is dropping like a rock. After Paulson spends everything he can the assets backing the paper he bought or guaranteed will continue down. Look at how oil goes up a few days after another 80 million spant by the treasury then continues its downward drift.