How it Works

Let's suppose a warehouse that stocked meat for the entire northeast lost power so that the refrigeration went off for several days. When it came back on the meat re-froze. The owners of the warehouse wants to sell the "good stuff" that didn't rot in the warm air and somehow get rid of the bad stuff for at least some cash. The experts say if the warehouse cartel fails to get the cash they will go bankrupt and pull all grain farmers and meat processors together with their vendors, including the railroad, down with them. This is clearly a problem for, Big Government. A genius inside the government decides to hire the biggest cattleman in Texas to fix the meat business, a cattleman who was once CEO of the warehouse company.

"Tex pulls into town on his Lear Jet, limos to a huge office in DC, meets with the President, heads of congress, and some of his old pals who are in the meat business. Disaster looms, stock brokers and cattle brokers demand action, banks that loan to farmers and the other meat guys scream that they won't have money to lend to any kind of agriculture til "something" is done, while the president is concerned as can be.

Not to worry, Tex has a plan. Get a ton of money from the treasury, buy up all the meat both good and bad, store it all for the future in government refrigeration plants and dispose of the meat in an orderly manner later. Cost? $700 billion, a number spouted out without any accounting. "Just give me the bucks and I'll fix everything, says he." Congress says "not so fast, some fascists want to talk about this," and representatives who have received millions from Tex and his pals want to help while those who've never received anything get pissed and balk.

So you know the story, it turns out that Congress long ago was warned the the electric grid sending electricity was on the verge of collapse and did nothing, but in fact demanded that meat be given away to disadvantaged minorities or no more government contracts or price supports. Tex allows his former competitors to just go broke but he uses $40 bln to bail out one of the largest corporations in the world; only it turns out that the CEO of said corporation was with Tex in his office while the deal was made.

Congress writes a bill without the formality of any hearings at all, meets in secret to "fix" the Bill and and and.

In other words it's the fucking Republicans who are at fault.

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