If the below paragraphs stir something in you go here for the entire (and very long) interview......

"The pursuit of freedom, as defined in an age of consumerism, has induced a condition of dependence on imported goods, on imported oil, and on credit. The chief desire of the American people," you write, "is that nothing should disrupt their access to these goods, that oil, and that credit. The chief aim of the U.S. government is to satisfy that desire, which it does in part of through the distribution of largesse here at home, and in part through the pursuit of imperial ambitions abroad." In other words, you're saying that our foreign policy is the result of a dependence on consumer goods and credit.

Our foreign policy is something that is concocted in Washington D.C., but it reflects the perceptions of our political elite about what we want, we the people want. And what we want, by and large - I mean, one could point to many individual exceptions - but, what we want, by and large is, we want this continuing flow of very cheap consumer goods.


Anonymous said...


You keep citing lefties like Moyers and Ritholtz. Their lib bias poisons their reason and makes most of what they say worthless. Once this guy Bacevich proclaimed Carter as a great, perceptive POTUS, his argument just tanked. We both lived through Carter. You REALLY think Carter was a good President? I sure as heck don't, and I didn't then, either.

I like your blog and admire your willingness to check out the lib POV, but Moyers and Ritholtz wouldn't admit anyone on the right had done something good under any circumstances. Consequently, I can't believe much, if any, of the views they promulgate.

Howard said...

I agree with you BUT I try to look at most sides before I post and under the theory that even a blind squirrel will find an acorn once in a while I link to this really good Moyers interview with a guy with whom I agree with. As far as Ridholtz goes, I've been in the financial markets as a broker and trading advisor for twenty five years and I find him right as rain most times, again if you're in the business for more than five years you will find that almost everyone is wrong. Ridholtz is a breath of very fresh air.