It's Palin vs Tennis

Terrific tennis in the U.S. Open men's quarterfinals--Roddick vs Djokovic---and well worth watching tomorrow, but tonight is the dull dull Women's draw with the Williams sisters attempting to look competitive. Tonight super-star Palin will speak at the GOP conclave and if the tennis is great (a possibility) you can always catch her later. Prediction: huge TV audience for Palin and the folks in TV land may come away totally pissed at both the media and the Democrats for trashing her. Keep in mind that the only thing the Democrats can come up with besides smearing her is that she is inexperienced, especially in foreign affairs. This can be said of almost every president since Washington, whose foreign affairs background consisted of "GTF back to England or we'll kill you." In fact aside from Woodrow Wilson (a fucking foreign policy disaster) I don't think any presidential candidate (Ike excepted) had foreign policy experience. It's a bogus argument. The experience that counts, that of actually running a very large bureaucracy, balancing a budget, and actually getting things done through a legislative body corrupted by "contributions" is always with a governor and she is one of those.

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