Palin a Hippie?

Debbie Schlussel rants and rants this AM about weird names parents give kids and saying that the Palins are almost guilty of child abuse because of her selection of Trig, Willow, Piper, and Bristol as names for her kids. She feels that kids so named willl be unmercifully teased and taunted by their school peers. There is an old Indian story that addresses this one....

An Indian child is sitting on the ground in front of his father and asks innocently why one of his sisters is named Running Fawn.

"That is because just before she was born her mother and I saw a little fawn running in the woods," says the father.

The child nods, understanding at last. He then asks why his brother is named Cloud Above Desert.

"That is because just as he was born a beautiful cloud appeared over the desert, and the name is perfect for him," replies the father. He then turns to the son wondering aloud,

"Why do you ask, Two Dogs Fucking?"

I mean Palin could have done worse.

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