Labor Day Sports: Ugh, puke, flatulence, etc. Football game too awful to watch. Ditto the U.S. Open Tennis. And the women's tennis is worse than ping pong due to the fact that there are only three good players on the planet. So? Weather is great so we got a few joints and some fishing gear and hit the beach. Even the fishing was shit. However,......... Don't look for much on the late game (UCLA has a football team??) so all in all a dull Labor Day without family. Late Add: UCLA wins??? I honestly wonder about all the crap about the SEC. I can't remember the time USC lost to them; UCLA stuffed Tennessee, meaning it sure didn't look like a fluke; I just don't think they are the super conference everyone else says they are.

Made up news: The Hurricane that wasn't became actual TV News with these moron reporters standing out in the rain claiming a levee was bursting, which to anyone who knows about levees was obviously untrue. Which meant.............

Palin's kid being pregnant made the false story of the actual paternal source of Palin's kid too obvious to continue reporting. So all of the news outlets parroted the horrible story about Palin's kid being knocked up their usual breathless announcement. A shocked MSNBC and a knowingly smiling CNN did their best in making the kid appear immoral to the immoral left.

When are we all going to wise up to the fact that cable news is not news at all but at best occurrences? Actually, possible occurrences.


Roux said...

Here in Baton Rouge the storm was real. Not the devastation of Katrina/Rita but it was pretty bad. 90% of the power is out in BR.

Best thing they did was not let New Orleans evacuees stop in BR they pushed them farther north. We couldn't have helped them this time.

Jindal sent Nat'l Guard to NOLA early, also curfews in most parishes around BR.

Lots of trees down. It's going to be a crappy couple of weeks. Well, except LSU is playing Saturday.

Roux said...

Oh one more thing. If Katrina would have taken the same path as Gustav did going just west of New Orleans. There would be no New Orleans.