The Misreading of the Republican Party, Vol MXXXVII

It's a Hate Wall Street Party. Always has been. Stop allowing the corrupt media to define what the main body of Republicans are. They hate Eastern Money and Eastern Money equals Wall Street. In the current debate their position is the popular one. And who does the media trot out to "explain things?" Why the two most corrupt members of Congress when it comes to Fannie May etc. This thing is being led by the prison inmates and we are all sick of them. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and that jerk Harry Reid should be shot.

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Bill Clinton said...

The hate Wall Street brigade is ensconsed on "The Big Picture" blog , home of Tin Foil Hat conspiracy theorists and crackpots

notice how Barry Ritholtz never blame's Clinton's 1994 National Homeownership Strategy , the newly enabled leverage of FNM and FRE to have 40:1 equity to capital of 2.5% , the failures of Cisneros' HUD and the CRA legislation of 1977

.... it's not just Wall Street's own doing , they were enabled by Chris Dodd , Barney Frank , and other slimy legislators