Negroes Rally for Bailout Bucks

Let's face it: Blacks are all about getting a handout from every doorway and alms from every passerby and most count the Bailout Package as just another passerby with bucks they are entitled to. The lineup of Blacks demanding a "piece of the bailout (read welfare scheme) is getting longer and longer by the minute Market Watch is doing its level best to report on the details and Malkin articulates the rage. The Congressional Black Caucus (no racism there) wants a "piece." Donations to ACORN are demanded as are blackmail payments to La Raza. You just know that once the Democrats seize power the bill will be amended to include the usual criminal elements. Bailout Bill is reportedly forty two pages and counting....Do we get to see it? Naw, we're just the fucking morons who will pay for it.

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