I happened to catch Greta's sequence with Palin at 3AM. It was the best. Palin has no qualms about being interviewed anywhere and this one was at home with some kids and shit, and then somewhere else, and then in a not so glamorous venue with her hair down. More and more I think she is the She Monster from Twenty Thousand Fathoms, and if anybody fucks with her she will devour them with a smile. Although they share an ability to be good humored about everything, do not compare her with Reagan. She is unique. She is herself. Completly comfortable in her own skin....and especially comfortable with your head in her grasp. Interviews not on You Tube yet.....Part of last night's On the Record is HERE, at FOX. The Libs are doing the worst thing they can do by engaging her at all. She cannot be beaten, best to just let her be her and hope she explodes. Right now, anything anybody says about her that is remotely negative bounces right back and explodes. None of us has seen anything like her since we've been alive. Here's another clip from last night.


Xiaoding said...

She is the real deal. The MSM, the Dems, have no idea what McCain has unleashed. The democrat backbenchers do. They must revolt now, or the Democratstic party will wither and die.

Anonymous said...

Now McCain has to let her loose and attack the RINO's. That will put the fear of God in to them. If the RINO's go down in defeat McCain is still better off without them in Congress.
The blue dog democrats will cross over for the vote, they know if they get too far left, their toast.