The supposed "deal" to allow drilling off shore is just one more piece of putrid excrement that the fucking RINO Republicans are floating by us while we watch like sewage workers on strike. These ethical fruits were originally a "gang of ten" working at constructing a compromise deal; it is now a gang of sixteen and they have hatched a rotten egg of a bill they are calling a "drilling" bill that actually adds exploration restrictions, raises taxes and may even end up meaning no new domestic oil at all and closes forever any drilling off the Pacific Coast. There is no sense whatsoever for voting Republican so these scumbags can screw us again. To quote IBD today:

Whenever the nation is faced with a big problem that the people demand be solved, we can always be sure of one thing: A group of Republican senators will scramble away from their party's principles to join Democrats in some grand "compromise" scheme.
The entire editorial is here. Before reading it you might want to be sure you're stocked up on Dramamine. You're going to puke. Honestly, I just hate the sell out Republican Party. Hate them.

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