"Gore-ifying" the Election Results

You guys are missing the 60s connection to this registration fraud activity. Fake registrations are deliberate and not designed to register anyone at all.

Return with me now to the thrilling days of yesteryear, when nothing that was any fun was legal but we did it anyway. Back then it was discovered that if you overrun a website, government office, or business with frivolous data you can overwhelm the system and render it useless for the purpose it was designed. This was used to assault Draft Boards, local police, and credit agencies rendering them near useless. The object now is to deluge the system so that it functions improperly and if the election doesn't turn out to your liking??? Sue them, get injunctions, file every grievance possible. Mickey Mouse and Matt Damon have a purpose, but you guys miss it. Paralyzing the system itself is the purpose. Invalidating election results is the purpose. Destroying faith in the system is the purpose. Call it a Gore-ification campaign. If you can't win the game then win the fight after the game.

JamieWearingFool has a more detailed post than this one, but we are both on the same page---they are trying to overwhelm the system.

Whoops: I missed this. Absentee voting through the use of many of these phony names HAS been done. And not by dopes, but by Rhodes Scholars and higher. Link is to Malkin who links to a lot of others. So, where is the Attorney General, you ask? Why the same place SEC commissioner (ho ho) Chris Cox has been for the last two years. Has Bush appointed even one competent person to any position? This is why we Republicans deserve to lose. We deserve a communist because we brought this upon ourselves.

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