The Devil Speaks

If you never want the opinion of somebody you probably hate because of his politics, even though this person is preeminent in his field then go to the next post. I don't like George Soros. He raped the small countries of SE Asia by raiding the currencies and hitting them in a way they didn't know existed. Blah blah blah. Now let's be honest, the guy is a brilliant financier, a person capable of examining markets and seeing things the rest of us don't see. If you're interested in an interview he did a couple of days ago on PBS with the hated Bill Moyer, go here for what you will probably agree is one of the keenest analysis and soloution to our current problem. It's both audio and printed (I never retain what I hear as well as what I read).


Anonymous said...

I saw Soros' toady Bill Moyers suck up to his master. Moyers doesn't have a clue about economics; he's been on the taxpayer's dime for decades. Soros made a lot of sense until he got to the part of gov't "guidance" of the markets. Even worse, when he got into the global warming baloney saving the American economy. I would appreciate an economist on the order of Thomas Sowell debating him, not idiot Moyers. Soros may be expert on the nuts and bolts of currency trading but his peculiar political world view is nonsense. He might end up being shadow president and we'll find out how good his ideas are.

Doug_S said...

Caused by a period of "market fundementalism"? Properganda. Regulated industries always capture their regulator. Why did the regulators half the capital requirements for European banks during a time when appreciation of homes and oil was very high? Why did the SEC reduce the capital requirements of investment banks? If the governments did not set capital requirements for the financials we would all ask about the capital ratio before depositing. When the government sets capital requirements we all assume they set it high enough to be safe. Soros wants more regulation because he is rich enough to influence govt. Just like Freddy was.