Saturday College Football: best teams in no particuar order are Penn State, Florida, Texas, and Alabama. USC is slow and boring just hanging around and beating up teams that are smaller than they are.
USC is the most boring top ten (if we accept that) team ever. Boring, boring, boring. Notre Dame exposed as a talent vacuum with nothing that can overpower opponents. Charlie Weiss better learn to recruit and fast. Texas exposed Oklahoma in a very exciting game, but Oklahoma ain't no number one team and I'm wondering about Bob Stoops, their coach. Can't seem to win big games. Ohio State still just another Big Ten team with no speed and no quarterback. Michigan losing to Toledo? Illinois is what? Missouri without an offensive line is just ordinary. Florida, at least on TV, seems dam near invincible now.

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Roux said...

We (LSU) got our ass handed to us... We have a good team but no QB.