Duh Wink

I am going to assume that Palin knew exactly what she was doing when she did it. TV is what is known as a "hot" medium. Hot because it puts every TV performer right in your living room. Actually in your face if you look directly into the camera pushing you to react. In other words it has an immediacy and a revelatory aspect for good or ill; just ask Nixon and Kennedy; one was destroyed by it and the other enhanced because his smile made him look cute. He was a guy you wanted actually in your living room talking with you, sharing a laugh or two; he was a guy who liked you. TV magnifies every movement and a tiny wink becomes a very large yet intimate gesture, just ask the confounded Lefties this morning. That wink took place in everyone's TV room. I'm sure it was calculated and practiced over and over again. It was the perfect gesture for a woman in her place. She ain't dumb.


MB said...

The wink reminded me of a hockey game when you fool the ref, he calls a penalty and you wink to your team.
It really did not sit well with me. Not very professional

MB said...


Mark Steyn