Palin in 2012

Palin in 2012? Not so far fetched because she hit a triple to deep left last night, but can she possibly withstand the abuse, lies, and media swarm of hate, and it is hate disguised as intelligent discourse, that even now occupies most media on the left. MSNBC, which has hardly changed at all when it comes to outright bias with Olberman and Matthews relegated to lesser roles, ridiculed her after the debates. Proof of her complete amatuerism was that she looked straight into the camera while Biden didn't. One thing is for sure, she is a factor in national politics. How long she'll stay fresh is another thing. The debate last night did nothing to cool the hate that "women" around here bear toward her. She has too many kids (therefore is anti Roe), she murders animals (therefore is pro Second Amendment), and is strictly an unsophisticated small town hick (not an Ivy or even a Stanford advanced degree liberal). Maybe she should have her picture taken attending the latest Oliver Stone movie opening.

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