I'd Hate to Debate Her

She was on at the same time as the Dodgers and neither disappointed. The Cub errors were obvious right away and didn't need a Democratic spin machine telling me that the wild throw to first base was a clear demonstration of a superior throwing arm; it was a fucking error by an inferior team. Regarding the debate itself, I know jack about the ins and outs of the Constitution or Constitutional Law so whenever somebody goes down a path of Article I or Subsection whatever I just know I'm being lied to. WTF knows what any of the Articles say? I do know Biden was full of shit about Lebanon but the MSM will assist in re-writing history for him. Overall perception, as I've said many times, is reality and Palin simply communicated better, seemed better prepared (if anyone can be prepared against a lunatic intellectual 10 gauge shotgun spraying his fake data around like a drunk at a skeet shoot), and was likable. Meaning I liked her. I've known Biden for twenty years and he just doesn't wear well. I don't know but I'll bet a hedge fund dollar that women still hate her. The polls will tell us the victor by sometime tomorrow.

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