Sports Town USA

Cubs-Dodgers: Mediocre pitching does not beat mediocre hitting, and that sums it up. When faced with the so so offerings of duh Cubbies, guys like Manny almost choked on their saliva. So I guess we'll all have to put up with another six months of whining about how the Cubs choked, as if they were the better players only a psychological problem paralyzed them. They weren't better players.

Sports Town USA: 90,000 watched USC football; 52,000 watched the Dodgers; 50,000 watched UCLA vs WSU; all taking place at the same time of day. Name one other city, other than New York, that could support all of the above simultaneously. And those assholes at the NFL won't put a team here unless we cough up 200mil to build a stadium that will only be used seven times per year. Fuck the NFL. There is no way that tax payers will cough it up; schools, roads, streets, and cops are more important. You want luxury boxes, why? Could it be that the current crop of rich owners are afraid to mix with their own customers? I think so.

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