Standing With His Feet in the Air

Face it, folks. McCain is an old man with no energy and no fire in his belly. This election is an audition for Sarah Palin and that's all. '012 is her time. I honestly cannot see him dealing effectively with the current world wide financial turmoil, putting a team of aggressive financial people to work on what is revealing itself to be a financial crises, or lighting the fire of urgency under anyone. Were he not a former heroic POW he couldn't run for anything. He still stands with his feet firmly anchored in the air, marching to the sound of a different drummer in a time that the drum is beating so loud that we cannot hear anything else. We're going broke, John. Get it?

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Xiaoding said...

Yup, looks like I will lose my $200 on the election. He made a good move with Palin, but it's too soon to make an impact. He's OLD. and so is the rest of the party leadership. Obama will win.