I know, Let's fire all the Workers

"If we get rid of a thousand or so assholes who are fucking us for around $500 a week in wages plus bennies we can put another half a mil per week on the bottom line.  Our stockholders will love us and we can keep our jobs for another quarter...."  

If you get that piece of economic logic you will see where all this quarter's stock market profits are coming from....but then what?  When you cut that close to the bone what will happen when orders go up and corporations can't fill them because they don't have enough workers?

So that's where we are in this cycle.  Laid off workers can't buy stuff and this will bite us in the ass next quarter unless.....OMFG, I have it.  The brainstorm of the millenium.

"If we can get the asshole taxpayers to pay our health insurance costs we'll blow the doors off next quarter."  

Can't wait.

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Anonymous said...


You're absolutely brilliant! The situation couldn't be described more perfectly. Well done!