My computer has been totally crashed for four days.  Meanwhile, check out this trailer for James Cameron's (Titanic, Terminator Series) new Xmas pic that is the first ever done in real 3D.  He's in it for 230 mil and it looks killer.  Trailer cannot be seen in 3D YET. Getting mixed reviews, all the way from "a total piece of shit" to "wowsville," but there is no doubt that it represents a new way of making movies, the only thing in the way is the insane costs.  3D porn looks promising.

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Xiaoding said...

3D don't make it a good movie.

I like it, though, but it's too expensive now, and it can't be shown as 3D at home, it's just impossible.

U23D was awsome, but they won't release it for DVD, because they lose the 3D. Despite it being one of the best concert films ever made! Asswipes.