Obama Care

How did socialized medicine, an obvious budget buster anywhere on earth, ever get started in a democracy?  Stalin started it in Russia and made insane claims for the medical results (that included Gulag Therapy) that were not achievable anywhere in the known world.  But the real villain was WWII, a war in which fifty six million non-Jews were slaughtered and an entire continent or two left barren deserts.  The shattered and entirely broke democraices had to do something dramatic to save themselves so they looked around for several sensational things to do.  They barely decided against compulsary prostitution for all girls between the ages of eleven through twenty two; then, after seizing around twenty or so major corporations that they proceeded to run into the ground, labor unrest caused them to drop that idea; deporting the elderly to countries unknown became unpopular once the mother of a politician's wife pissed and moaned about being shipped to the Congo, governments came upon a sure fire winner.  A winner that couldn't possibly lose money and would guarantee reelection like forever. Mass free medical care for everyone from cradle to grave looked like a sure guarantor of eternal reelection.  After all it was 1945 for Chriss sakes and whenever anyone got sick they were told to take two asprin and come back in the morning. There were no MRI machines, very few x-ray devices, only two blood tests, and except for those fucking wounded WWII veterans, nobody was really so sick that low cost bed rest wouldn't work wonders.  

National Health Care looked cheap back in 1945, but that was then and this is now.  One deadbeat bum demanding an MRI for a hang nail or some whore demanding a cure for AIDS could cost ten to twenty thousand dollars per disease and how in the hell can any system stay solvent without taxing the population at large at an 80% rate.  So what looked terrific in 1945 has become a growning cancer in 2009 and beyond because everyone claims they are entitled to unlimited top of the line care ("I have a sacred right to the same care that the President gets").  Bypass surgery costs lots and lots of them cheep dollars.

So a massive invasion of individual privacy, an invasion that must result in every government having the goods that would hang anyone who disagrees with the power structure, settling the "privacy problem" once and for all, and especially solving that pesky election bullshit forever became an exciting possibility----so long as those fucking voters could be handled, and with a complicit press and media propagandizing for the "new idea" it will happen.  Zeig Heil.

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