NBC Poison Spreads

In doing some construction work on my house I had the TV turned to CNBC for the latest bs from Wall Street in preference to the propaganda I could have absorbed from all the other stations.....

WRONG.  The NBC bias has been transferred to their business channel in virtually every commentary.  I finally turned the TV to one of the music channels after the usual whores had spent nearly fifteen minutes slamming FOXNews and Bill O'Reilly.  FOX not only dominates all cable news but the ratings at CNBC are going down the toilet, having more to do with their endless pimping of certain stocks than anything else (How dumb is the public supposed to be?).  It is clear that NBC execs don't care if they make money or not so long as their God stays in power.  


Anonymous said...

i haven't watched CNBC with the sound on for quite awhile, but for some
reason did so today. they had some guy promoting tax cuts on, and the
babe "interviewing" him actually got red-faced with rage and did her
best to filibuster him/shout him down. really blatant stuff, something
that would belong on msnac or that jackoff matthews.

damn! they weren't anywhere NEAR that bad even just 6 months ago.
wonder what they might be like in, say, october 2010?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the weather channel lately? They are starting to do "news" updates courtesy of MSNBC....

Howard said...

Show biz buzz is that the entire network is dependning on Jay Leno's new every night comedy show to rescue the entire lineup. GE NBC has a serious problem called losing their asses.