Bumfuckistan: the latest Black Hole

Fabius Maximus continues to be, if not the best blog out there, awfully close to it.  This piece about our sinking into the Afghanistan muck without a clue, is really a must read.

Wouldn’t the U.S. have been safer and more secure if all the money, effort, and planning had gone towards “nation-building” in America? Or do you really think we’re safer now, with an official unemployment rate of 9.7%, an underemployment rate of 16.8%, and a record 25.5% teen unemployment rate, with soaring health-care costs, with vast infrastructural weaknesses and failures, and in debt up to our eyeballs, while tens of thousands of troops and massive infusions of cash are mustered ostensibly to fight a terrorist outfit that may number in the low hundreds or at most thousands, that, by all accounts, isn’t now even based in Afghanistan, and that has shown itself perfectly capable of settling into broken states like Somalia or well functioning cities like Hamburg.
 Read it and be shocked.  I scream out loud every time I see the latest casualty reports........


Kim said...

As long as you don't mind the fact that Engelhardt is a screaming antiwar Lefty who is obsessed with American "imperialism", then yes, Fabius's recommendation is a good one.

Anonymous said...

FM is a fucknut. I'm a 23 year vet of the Army and can hardly agree with anything he talks about. His opinions have a liberal slant and he won't let go of the fact that generational warfare a. I hate Small War Journal.. Long Wars Whatever.. etc. Fuck them all. Kill the right people. Crush your enemies. Protect your people at all cost.