Romance and Desire have nothing to do with Why Women Fuck

All you guys who think you have become sexually dysfunctional because your sex life with your wife has "cooled" a hell of a lot, has almost all to do with her AND NEARLY NOTHING to do with you.  Your wives get fat, ugly, less desireable, and an all around pain in the ass so you don't want to fuck her any more but she "blames" it all on you.  The sex starved spouse is what the women's "movement" would have us all believe.  The truth is that most women are not interested in sex at all and only fuck to keep peace in the family.....

84 percent admitting to having sex just to ensure a quiet life or to bargain for household chores.

"I have sex to relieve the boredom because it's easier than fighting," said one woman in the study. "Plus it gives me something to do."

A new book has the results of two studies that shows us all why women fuck, and it ain't for romance.

84pc do it 'for a quiet life'
'I hoped he would put the rubbish out'
That and a lot more are found in this book that is summarized here.   Now go out and fuck that slut at the supermarket checkout stand with a clear conscience, that is if your confidence hasn't been ruined by that cold ugly bitch you married.

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