College Ball, Week One Plus Other Stuff

The "body crush" tackle is an obviously deliberate act designed to seriously injure the victim, particularly anyone not weighing 270 pounds.  In both college and pro, this technique will continue to destroy careers and teams until it is outlawed, however, just as in the political arena, the press is conveniently absent because of the money pouring forth from the NFL and NCAA.

Is any college team faster overall than CAL?  Jesus, their only weakness that I can see is at quarterback (which is like saying the only weakness a boxer has is that he can't punch) where the supposed qb guru-coach Tedford cannot recruit a top high school talent while swimming a pool comp0sed of the top high school qbs in the country.

Answer to fastest college team: after TV of the FSU-Miami game on Monday I'd say it was clear that both teams were at least as fast as CAL.  Great game.

ESPN gets less and less believeable each and every time that old man Lou Holtz opens his mouth.  His continuing hype that Notre Dame will play for the National Championship insults everyone's stupidity.

Most biased TV network continues to be the nakedly anti-Nazi History Channel.

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