Get Out the Guns

A scary unpolitical graphic series of just how bad the job losses have been during this recession compared with all past recessions, via Big Pic.....Only the actual bottom of the 1948 monster dip was worse and we are almost there now.  Now for the really really really bad news: the huge number of laid off workers cannot be ignored forever by the current elites running things in D.C.  The Second Amendment right to bear arms has more serious consequences than people imagine.  We have marginalized and segregated 25% of our population, all too many of whom are armed deer hunters; far too many of the rest of us are among the unarmed deer with bulls eye targets on our sides grazing stupidly in the brush pretending things will eventually "work out."  We are real close to the time when magic radicals will erupt to the top of our volcano and bury us all.  Listen carefully to the coarse rudeness of the current Left, most of whom will be among the first to die.  I've been to a few of their meetings and know more than a few of the assholes personally.  They are literally chomping at the bit openly "joking" about revolution, killing, and "another Watts Riot" except that this time it'll happen in Beverly Hills and the financial district.

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