Dylan Rattigan, formerly with CNBC and now at (gag) MSNBC has written a major piece titled America Held Hostage that deserves reading by all of us.   It's an understandable detailing of what the banks have done to our economy and what they are continuing to do in spite of everything.

Why did we pay Goldman Sachs and all the other banks 100 cents on the dollar for their contracts with AIG, using taxpayer money, while we forced GM and others to take massive payment cuts?

Why hasn’t any of the bonus money paid to the CEOs that built this financial nuclear bomb been clawed back?

And more than anything else — why does the US Congress refuse to outlaw the most anti-competitive structure known to our economy, one summed up as TOO BIG TOO FAIL?

Again, a must read.   BTW, despite his competence he's still among the total ineptness of the elite media (Andrea Mitchell,  Ms. Jessica Brewer (a fraud), and others from the NYT to Newsweek.   

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