The small media miss the point too.  Today Brietbart writes that "they will eventually run out  of money" referring to MSM if they continue their evil ways.   He doesn't get it either.  They will almost never run out of money.  These are true believers.  Money is evil and means nothing to them because they have an endless supply of nasty money and demonstrating losses supporting futile causes makes them feel good and most importantly, look good at parties. Martyrs get laid at liberal hangouts.  Soros ain't running out of money, ever.  GE, the owners of MSNBC, CNBC, Universal, GE Capital (and a ton of related companies),  GE Health and Financial Services, and and and and----will never run out of money either.  In fact losing money doing left propaganda enhances their image of "responsible" corporate behavior.   Understand that "losing" the Health Care legislative effort is a positive for them.  Martyrdom worked for Joan of Arc, Horst Wessel, and at least ten thousand others.

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