Republican Resurgence?  There ain't no "re" that any of us want to surge back to.  They lied to us, pretending to be conservatives when they were actually opportunists, power and influence suck ups, and liars.  We may end up voting for them out of sheer despiration not out of any belief that they are better then anything out there.


Xiaoding said...

Rush took a call last week, about a third party. He was against it, of course...but, he sounded truly desperate! The Repubs are out of their minds with worry about a third party!

Anonymous said...

republicans *should be* worrying about a 3rd party. perot's 3rd party is what allowed that asswipe bubba to win election in both 92 and 96. no perot, and the name 'clinton' is an answer to an obscure trivia question. if the republicans were smart (LOL) they'd be trotting out sleeper agents trying to crank up a 'green' 3rd party; a 'social justice' 3rd party; or a 'stop obam's war machine' 3rd party.

naturally, they won't do this. preferring instead to stick to the time-honored tradition of 'standing around with their thumbs up their asses'. meanwhile we read that captivating, exciting candidates such as romney and huckabee are out there trying to pretend they don't know the name palin. rah team go.