I think that once again we all bought into the USC publicity department's Kool Aid.  They do not have the killer running back you must have to seriously challenge for the National Title.  The much publicized (by USC) Joe McKnight has never lived up to the hype that preceded him and the cast of day players who back him up are just ordinary.  The much publicized offensive line is, well much publicized (by USC) without anything to show for it.  We don't know if they have any receivers who can catch and run til somebody can throw the ball more than fifteen yards to an open wide receiver.  

No great local high school running backs, and the way recruiting goes these days it's all local talent for all colleges who will move heaven and earth (money and loose women) to keep any gems inside the state.  Doubt it?  Check around the country.  See any California running backs tearing up the landscape?  Oh yeah, Javhid Best playing for CAL (hometown is Vallejo, from nearby Oakland) and if USC had him they'd be kings.  Guys like him rarely leave home.   His high school resume not only includes almost every state statistic for a running back but he was also the State Champion in both the 100 and 200 meter sprints.  USC was never in the running to get him.

The huge offensive line?  Big guys have to block and be capable of pulling out for downfield blocs without ending up in intensive care gasping for air and unable to breathe.  

National Champs will be Florida once again with the line backer/tackle/running back who plays quarterback for them simply smashing everyone.

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