Football: lots of gossip around the water coolers complaining about the "dirty" USC football team. Many are saying they are undisciplined--a synonym for filthy in USC speak---and returning to the "bad old days." For those of you new to SoCal or afflicted with memory loss, USC has a long record of cheating on almost every level of their football program going all the way back to the 50s when one of their players attempted to maim CAL All American Jackie Jensen in front of 80,000 and plenty of media by twisting his leg on a tackle in what looked like an attempt to permanently injure Jensen's knee. There is little doubt around here that USC has a "thug problem" and that Pete Carrol's laid back style reminds many of the way Barry Switzer coached the partially criminal Oklahoma back in the day. Football requires tough guys who have a streak of viciousness about them and USC is located smack dab in the middle of the Black ghetto here in LA and some of those criminals are fast as hell and tough as steel.

We'll have to see what we shall see but you can bet that media will be looking closely at the Trojans for the rest of the season because vicious personal fouls against Notre Dame get lots of play when the same conduct against the likes of Oregon State are barely noticed. BTW don't write off USC's next opponent, Oregon State the team that beat them last year, because OSU has speed to burn, two of the best running backs in the country and a coach who brings out the beast in everyone. Speed kills and USC has shown a weakness at defensive end that sweeps could exploit. USC supposedly took them lightly last year and their attitude was responsible for the loss----not so, OSU beat the shit out of them with speed. How good a football player was Jensen, now best known for his baseball skills? Try this: In the season-ending 7-6 victory over Stanford he ran for 170 yards, kicked a punt for 67 yards, and had a 32-yard run late in the game in a 4th-and-31 situation. The son of a bitch was only great.

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