Global warming: actual facts

I accidentally channel surfed to one of the public access channels and listened to Christopher Monken lecture about the absurdity of Global Warming.  He has data, studies, and reports of censorship of all speeches reporting same.  Give it a look and you will actually learn a hell of a lot.  Go to You Tube and see the ton of stuff that has had wide circulation.  The actual hard data is devastating.

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rhuddan said...

Before you jump on the Monckton bandwagon, remember that the left's new blog-hero Charles Johnson has been laying into Monkton and Rush Limbaugh for taking on NYTimes' enviroblogger Andy Revkin. CJ links to this critique of Monckton from realclimate: http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2009/05/moncktons-deliberate-manipulation/