Tea Party Politics

The main thing wrong about the current "conservative" backlash movement is that the good people involved have no agenda for making the country better. "No tax, no deficit spending," or "stop this, and stop that" are simply not a movement that is worth a pitcher of warm spit (John Nance Garner), and as an agenda for success it totally sucks. For example, there really is a health care delivery problem in this country with a decided tilt to screwing the less well off---their solution is to cut taxes and stop spending.  Oh la dee da. We are in the midst of the worst economic crises since the 30s and while the GOP was in power they did nothing to put our house in order and steer the country on a positive course. All I can see on the "conservative" side are opportunists, liars, and thieves masquerading as "conservatives" mostly, I assume, to avoid jail. No thanks.  Many are sideline squatters who ramble on with quotes attributable to century old philosophers, demons like FDR and Woodrow Wilson, and generally telling me that you build a better country by keeping government out of Wall Street (that worked), health care (like cancer research by GE will save us),  and press freedom (need I say more?).

You guys are all smoking some very bad shit, only you are too dense to know it.


Anonymous said...

Wrong, Howard. What we want is for the government to keep its dirty hands out of any more stuff than it is already screwing up. To quote PJ O'Rourke, "If you think healthcare costs a lot now, wait until you see what it costs when it's "free.""

Government does damned little well and absolutely NOTHING efficiently.

Anonymous said...

All people need for ever increasing prosperity is peace, private property, rule of law and freedom to contract. Everything else hapens naturally.

Xiaoding said...

Dude, that is so last revolution. As in, like the military fights the last war.

This is not a movement of proposal. There is no Rousseau writing tracts to guide the unwashed.

Rather, this is a movement of denial. Denial of votes, of money, of support. Of legitimacy. A government that derives it's legitamcy from the consent of the governed, will fall when that consent is withdrawn. The people don't need a leader to do that.

People see the coruption, the rigged elections, the false choices, and withdraw. Each withdrawal is a victory. It is unstoppable.

This is just a start, and may very well be funded by Republican funny money. But the Republicans may be creating something that will get out of their control.