USC: Unworthy.....

Of consideration for anything other than mediocrity and aimlessness, as they proved that a  football team can stumble in and win without a really good running back.  In case you missed it, the USC coaching staff decided it was smart to sit on a twenty point lead and just smash into the line, a strategy that hadn't worked all game long and abandon the successful tactic of the forward pass.  And suddenly Notre Dame awokened and smote the shit out of them and almost (should have) won the fucking game at the end.  Overall Notre Dame proved that their talent level is dam close to that of USC, that they have a quarterback worth all that they say he is, and that coach Weiss will be around for at least another week or three, or at least til they get killed by Stanford.  But you can't talk about this game without mentioning the personal fouls committed by USC.  Face it, personal fouls are outright cheating.  You cheat when you think you're losing.  In football you cheat when the other guys are beating you personally, and it was clear that Notre Dame's individuals were beating USC toward the end.  To solve this "problem" it's obvious that knocking as many of the opposition out of the game is the easiest way to victory.  Two of the fouls (roughing the passer and hitting a defenseless receiver who didn't have the ball while he was laying on the ground) should have resulted in ejections.  USC cheated.  Period, and they got caught.  There should be a limit of personal fouls per team and once the number is reached each fouling player should be ejection.

So what happened yesterday?  Neither Florida nor Alabama are to be feared, the SEC is just a football conference with a supine sports "press" laying around telling us that there is no difference between this sunshine conference and the NFL, while Texas and Oklahoma did their level best to show one and all that you don't need touchdowns in order to win, at least in the Big 12.

Then there is the horrible example of what "real" student football might be like by televising the Brown vs Princeton game, an event played by slow white guys before at least a hundred people sitting in the stands and perhaps twice that many on TV.  I like to believe that this laughable event was was the opening salvo by liberals who will pass legislation demanding that at least two women start on every offensive and defensive team in the country a device that will open the door to rules assuring one and all that Asians, midgets, and bipolar paraplegics be on each and every team in the land---or else.  "Hire the handicapped, they're fun to watch" will be on the lips of every liberal TV and press reporter in the country.  Hopefully this will be followed up by legislation demanding that deaf mutes be elected to congress, made even more effective by requiring they be missing at least one hand too.

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