Avatar; the Computer

Avatar is probably a generational thing.  When a person goes to see a play it is said that the audience must pierce the proscenium arch, meaning the curtain line, in order to get involved or like it.  This is an ancient effort going back three thousand years so we are used to accepting the proscenium and hence the play without question.  In Avatar we are going to have to pierce the cinematic reality curtain and accept the obviously computerized figures on the screen as somehow possessing human feeling and characteristics.  If we can do this we will allow ourselves to be dazzled by the 3D extravaganza presented.   The younger you are the more likely it is that you will allow yourself to be enveloped by the movie because you have no preconceptions of the effort it takes to suspend belief in order to enjoy a movie.  It's pure Hard Left propaganda and if we are to accept everyone's opinion, a hell of a ride.  In 3D yet.  Just hope you don't get so pissed off at the "lecture" that you cannot be dazzled.

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