Palin Actually has Clothes

Front Page has a Victor Davis piece on Palin that resonates with me.

The elite Left was furious over her populist appeal, particularly her charm, good looks, accent, and appearance. In sum, their view was “don’t hoi polloi know, as we do, that this glitzy thing is a moose-hunting mom with an Idaho BA? To a Maureen Dowd or Sally Qunin, a Christian mom, who hunts, lives in Alaska, and is married to Todd is OK—but not OK if she thinks she can come east and run their US
Read the whole thing, it may increase your understanding of why our elites hate and fear her, and how she might overcome all this.

I recall a SciFi short story from my ill spent youth that was about a Black man who read everyone's minds but vcould never turn the ability off, turn the tumult into silence. The Black guy, while riding on a crowded subway, was "hated to death" by the inner thoughts of the passengers. I feel Palin is in that guy's shoes and the mob is gnawing at her.

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