Economic Numbers Better. Why?

Because I'm rummaging through my drawers last Sunday and found I needed shit.  So whenever any of us need shit we go out and buy shit.  I bought sox (six pair), ditto underwear, and a battery powered can and bottle opener that I just HAD to have.  Monday I bought two shirts and a pair of pants plus a computer program that will actually tell me shit I absolutely need to know.....ABSOLUTELY NEED.

That feeling is called demand.  When it happens at the end of a recession it's called "pent up demand."  Whenever we are overwhelmed by pent up demand, we not only buy what we really need, we buy things we absolutely don't need and never will.  I think that a lot of us woke up in the last few weeks and found that we actually needed stuff so we finally went out and bought actual stuff together with a few little impulse items we wanted but didn't need.  This is called a recovery.  

Will it spread?  I doubt it but Americans are an optimistic bunch if nothing else so we may buy ourselves into a comfort zone.  Unemployment will drop to 9.875 percent and dopey Democrats will swoon and gloriously proclaim, "That fucking Bush would never have pulled us out the worst recession in our lifetimes and what about Climate Change?."

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