Woods May Have Lost Talent

It may well be that Woods was on the downside long before his current misfortunes surfaced.  Consider that he hasn't won a single Major in '09, his filth laden tantrums were becoming public at long last, his relationships with other golfers on tour were becoming openly harsh particularly inside the locker rooms and you have the "nice guy" already showing the strain of constant competition with younger guys who are getting better every day.  With all this Woods may not be positioned to win 18 Majors no matter how many whores he juggles.  He has been the beneficiary of the Obama adoring press that will excuse anything a prominent Black does or fails to do.  But one thing to consider as we digest all this; the character of the main accuser sucks.  She is a career criminal.  Last month the main madam was sentenced to three years' probation for money laundering and transporting a prostitute over state lines.  She's sending signals to anyone who might be involved with her that she will rat them out if they don't help her.

Oh, bye the bye, Sports by Brooks has all the latest and there seems to be no end to his sex life......all white blonds who are without guilt.  I mean they didn't have a problem with fucking the very married Tiger, it's just that they don't want to go down as prostitutes.  OK, so what will we call them?  Sluts who take gifts?  Tramps who have character, sort of?  Hostesses seems to be catching on.

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