Fade all bets on Oregon

Football Bowl Games: if you haven't awakened from a "PAC-10 is second best conference in the country Kool Aid," the Nebraska blow out of Arizona, the destruction of second place Oregon State, and the (again) total mail in by CAL better sober you up. If you have a bet down on Oregon, cover it. Ohio State may just blow them out of the water. The Big Ten is back, apparently learning that if you hit them fast but light backs really hard each hit will shave .01 off their 40 yard times. By the eighth or so hit a 4.3 guy is 4.5 or higher and the speed edge is gone. Nebraska blew the very fast Arizona team off the field and while Ohio State is no Nebraska, Oregon ain't no Nebraska either. PAC-10 is over rated, the Big-12 is lousy with three terrific football schools, and we are left with the assumption that the SEC rules.  Until they don't.

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