Mike Leach; Real story Changing

Mike Leach the former Texas Tech coach accused of placing poor Adam James (son of ESPN sportscaster with every night media exposure) in a shed after being diagnosed with a concussion. I have a pal who played for Tech in the early 90s and has a lot of friends up in Lubbock. He says that James was a known flake who was getting preferential treatment because of his father. He loafed on drills and wasn't much in games, had he been of poor parents with no clout his scholarship would have been pulled. He suffered a mild concussion in a game. The following practice he shows up in sunglasses and an "attitude" which indicated contempt for the drills. He loafed around and Leach said "if the sun bothers you, go sit in the (tent, shack, etc.) until you feel better." James strolled over to the shack and went inside ALONE. Practice continued without incident til much later. Go here for some other comment. There is a hell of a lot more to this than meets the eye. We will see what we will see.

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