Anybody Know a Real Investor?

Aside from the guy who speculates on the next marijuana crop hoping the fucking Feds won't close him down in spite of local laws authorizing such crops; or a couple of your daughter's friends get together and form a pussy co-op figuring "WTF?" Besides entrepreneurial types like them it seems that O What's His Name is determined to make things so unsettled that no normal small fry will put his butt into the hot grease of business to make a buck.   I bring this up because most financial type blogs and columns keep telling us what "investors" are buying and selling despite hard evidence that the breed is either on an extended LSD trip or has found Mr. or Mrs. Right and is off screwing for real somewhere.  What we have (and have had for several years now) are some real heavy hitters like AIG, BofA, the Mafia and a few rock stars actually putting up big money ("throw enough shit against the wall and save what sticks") to produce something people like me might want to buy if only we had any nickels and dimes left from the last market bust.  Here's a flash for you: there ain't no such thing as an investor any more.  All we have left is a few adventurous types having sex with the same boring bitch every night while waiting for the urge.  The hundreds of millions of shares in various stocks in many exchanges around the world ain't being bought by mom and pop, small investors, or whores with a few extra bucks in their bras.

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