Yippie Ky Oh Kai Ay GDP Up 5%

No matter how you slice it, this is good news. Reading too much into the data can make you read it wrong.  The composition of GDP, especially goods and services brings the explosion in Windows 7 sales into the equation, Amazon's record sales and profits over the Christmas Season, the huge movie grosses (Avatar over $1bln), doesn't fuel prosperity the way car production, TV set manufacture, or appliance manufacture does.  There must be follow through on these numbers for them to mean any more than a statistical blip.  The DNC press will tout this to the hills and the GOP will ridicule the results.  Keep your eyes open and watch the employment numbers.  But  make no mistake, this is probably very good news.  Add to this the shutdown of Toyota for a while (Honda too but duration unknown) and the potential is, well potential.  Buried in these numbers is the extraordinary sales of Amazon's Kindle, a number that could mean blow out figures for the domestically built Apple I-Pad in next month and quarter GDP. Times they are a changin' and don't fail to heed opportunity's knock on your door.

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